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Water Heater Repair

water heater repair tampa fl areaMost people don’t think about it until there’s an emergency and emergencies come at a cost. If a poorly maintained water heater starts leaking, it can cause thousands of dollars in water damage. If a water heater’s pressure release valve fails to open it can become as explosive as a bomb. This is an extreme example of what can happen but it has happened– usually the water heater simply stops heating your water, and in most cases by the time that happens, it’s could be too late to repair it.

If you’re lucky, it’s just a problem with the thermostat or heating element. We can usually fix those pretty quickly. Maybe you’ve got sediment buildup at the bottom of the tank due to a lack of maintenance. In any case, when we check your water heater, we’ll let you know exactly what’s wrong and the cost to fix it, or advise you if you would be better off replacing it.

Governmental regulations have made new water heaters that are almost twice as efficient as the ones made just ten years ago. The savings on your electric bill could be enough to justify the change.

Signs of Water Heater Problems

We understand that you’ll call us if you don’t have any hot water, or if you are running out of hot water quicker than normal. But any of the other signs usually go overlooked and can be more important than simply running out of hot water. A sulfur smell coming from your water can be a sign that your water heater may be building up bacteria in the sediment at the bottom of your tank. If you have a gas water heater this sediment could make it harder to heat the water as it has to heat the sediment first.

If you have an electric model with the heating element near the bottom of the tank, the sediment could be reducing the efficiency of the water heater to warm the water. The sulfur smell is usually a sign the anode rod (sacrificial rod) has been exhausted. This can also cause the rusty water problem by allowing the water to begin rusting the interior of the steel water heater.

A popping noise coming from the tank is a sign of extreme sediment build up. Usually caused by the heating of the lower element in electric water heaters or by the initial start-up of the flame in a gas water heater.

In any case, if you experience any of these warning signs, call us immediately to get a water heater inspection and repair.

Water Heater Installation

water heater installation tampa floridaEmergency water heater installation are going to cost more than a scheduled one. Emergencies usually means the plumber is going to be working on overtime. It’s in your best interest to schedule your water heater installation ahead of time. Water heater installations can be scheduled in advance so you can get the exact model you want and don’t have to settle for what is currently in stock while saving time and money on installation costs.

We install standard storage style water heaters as well as tankless models from high-quality manufacturers, including American Standard, Rinnai, and A.O. Smith, State, Rheem, Bradford White, Rudd, American, Premier Plus and more. If you think a tankless water heater might be right for your needs, call and speak with a representative today to discuss your options.

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